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Working in South Plainfield, NJ

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Working in South Plainfield, NJ

GENEWIZ Headquarters in South Plainfield, New Jersey

Discover the GENEWIZ Headquarters in South Plainfield, New Jersey!

Prior to joining the Brooks family in 2018, GENEWIZ, a Global provider of R&D Genomics Solutions, was founded in 1999 by Drs. Steve Sun and Amy Liao. After relocating from New York to New Jersey, GENEWIZ established its Global Headquarters in South Plainfield, New Jersey in 2006 and today has grown to a team of over three hundred employees. The cutting-edge services performed at the New Jersey location include Genetic Analysis (Sanger Sequencing), Next Generation Sequencing, Molecular Genetics, Regulatory Services, and Molecular Biology Prep. Customer-support functions of Technical Support and Project Management are also based in New Jersey, as are support operations including Marketing, IT, Finance and Human Resources.

Perks & Features

  Convenient Location:
Situated in a small, beautiful suburban community, GENEWIZ headquarters in South Plainfield is minutes away from the bustling downtown college setting of New Brunswick, home to Rutgers University’s flagship campus. We’re also only an hour away from New York City!

  Fresh Fruit Delivery:
All our US locations enjoy regular fresh fruit deliveries to offer our team members healthy snacking options throughout the day.

  Fun Events
Throughout the year, our team members enjoy several Community Service outings. Every summer, we enjoy an Anniversary Barbecue and an Ice Cream Social and Food Truck event, and we celebrate the year’s success with an annual Holiday Party in December!


Q: What is the culture like at the office?
A: The atmosphere in South Plainfield is the perfect blend of personable professionalism. Our team members enjoy a fun atmosphere of working with the best & brightest in the biotech industry. Our employees’ satisfaction with their experience at GENEWIZ has led to the company being named among the “Best Places to Work in New Jersey” for 2019 and 2020.

Q: What’s the setup of the office?
A: Our South Plainfield campus spans three buildings, each with comfortable working areas, state-of-the-art laboratories, tech-savvy conference rooms, and break rooms with complimentary Starbucks coffee!

Q: Does Brooks offer benefits to employees?
A: Yes, Brooks offers competitive benefits to employees of the company that work 25 hours or more per week. In addition to Health Benefits, we’re proud to offer Tuition Reimbursement, Student Loan Paydown and an Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

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    GENEWIZ Headquarters in South Plainfield, New Jersey


    115 Corporate Boulevard,
    South Plainfield, NJ   07080

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      "I have been blessed with excellent managers at Brooks that have helped me develop professionally and personally. Every day here at Brooks I have an opportunity to make a difference. It is very rewarding working at a company that is committed to excellence for our customers and truly cares about its employees and the community."

      I’ve been working at GENEWIZ, a Brooks Life Sciences Company, for over 10 years across 4 different departments, and this has been a great place to grow my career and develop new skills. The environment is highly collaborative and team-oriented, with a strong focus on customer service. I would strongly recommend GENEWIZ to any prospective employee as an excellent place to work!

      "I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful company that strives to make the world a better place. My main career goal was to positively contribute to the world around me and, by working at GENEWIZ, I have the chance to make a difference in the field of science and technology. GENEWIZ’s friendly environment and positive atmosphere has allowed me to grow as an individual, learn new things in the field of genomics, and to strive to always find ways to improve. I look forward to my continued growth at GENEWIZ and to contributing to positively making a difference in the world."

      "Working as an associate scientist in technical support for GENEWIZ, a Brooks Life Sciences Company, has provided me with an opportunity to apply my passion for science and helping others to the real world. I am humbled that my skillsets and expertise can play a part in helping research scientists around the world achieve the end goal of their experiments. GENEWIZ has provided me with opportunities to develop my skillsets in the fields of my own personal interests and allows me to practice them with experienced scientists. Every day is a new and exciting challenge and I am eager to see what the rest of my career with the Company has to offer."

      “Working at Brooks has been an amazing experience. I have great mentors and supervisors who provide consistent training, guidance, and support, and give me the opportunity to develop my talents in sales and knowledge in genomics. Overall, Brooks has made me a more well-rounded professional. I am given the opportunity to pursue exciting new projects and am exposed to the most cutting-edge life sciences technologies.”

      “Working at Brooks has empowered me to take on new roles and responsibilities which has allowed me to broaden my career and increase my confidence in my abilities. The technology I work on is novel and the prospect of follow on projects is exciting. I appreciate the team environment in which I work and feel I am a valued employee.”

      “Working at Brooks, I consider myself a technologist working mostly in Software. At Brooks, we work on the latest technologies including robotics, control, machine vision, and machine learning. Through our solutions we are bringing value to customers allowing them to solve their most complex issues. During my 10 years with Brooks, I’ve found hard work is rewarded while seeing how our bleeding edge technology captures market share while working with a fun and dedicated team.”

      “I like working at Brooks because they value their employees and how they work toward a common goal. I get to work both individually and with my team on a variety of challenging projects, which helps me grow both personally and professionally.”

      "Working at Brooks, you are surrounded by a great group of people. They are experienced, have positive energy, and are willing to pull together as a team to go the extra mile. Also, the work we do at Brooks is in a diverse and dynamic market where we are continually coming up with new solutions. The combination of this makes coming to work each day very enjoyable."

      “Working at Brooks has helped me to grow as an engineering leader and innovator. As a research and development engineer, I have the opportunity to work on improving existing technology as well as tackling the next generation of challenges. I can only accomplish these goals due to the exceptional community that has been built at Brooks. Every day I wake up and I am excited to get to work and be a part of that Brooks community.”

      “My one goal after graduating was to begin a career in a company that loved robots as much as I did. As a Mechanical Engineer in the rotational program at Brooks Automation, I look forward to facing new and interesting challenges every day that let me continue to expand my knowledge base. I not only get to work in a wide variety of robotics subfields, but also have the opportunity to work alongside top-tier engineers who are inspiring models for the type of engineer I would want to be like in the future.”

      “It has been fun to be a part of an organization which is growing and adding new products which are truly novel and support an unmet market need. It is a dynamic culture with a lot of opportunity to contribute and grow professionally.”

      STEPHANIE LOEHR, Scientist, SynSeq-Indy
      Scientist, SynSeq-Indy
      MATTHEW HALLER, Scientist I, Project Management
      Scientist I, Project Management
      BRITTANY NUNES, Associate Customer Support Scientist
      Associate Customer Support Scientist
      ERIC ORTOLANO, Associate Customer Support Scientist
      Associate Customer Support Scientist
      CASEY DECESARI, Sales Associate II
      Sales Associate II
      TIFFANY HOLMES, Systems and Project Engineering Manager
      Systems and Project Engineering Manager
      ROY WANG, Sr Director, Software Eng.
      ROY WANG
      Sr Director, Software Eng.
      KRISTEN FORSCHER, Technical Writer
      Technical Writer
      GRANT IMPER, Director, Product Line Manager
      Director, Product Line Manager
      BRIAN MAXWELL, Engineer
      STEPHANE MOISE, Engineer
      DAVID LEWANDOWSKI, Product Marketing Manager
      Product Marketing Manager
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      As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we do our utmost to ensure that there is no discrimination or bias against anyone applying for a job or in any phase of employment for reasons related to race, color, religion, gender, national origin or ancestry, age, disability, veteran status, military service, sexual orientation, genetic information, or gender identity.

      We welcome and value diversity, to ensure that our work benefits from a broad range of viewpoints and perspectives. Our growing global reach gives us the opportunity to bring to our business an even richer diversity of experiences and capabilities. For assistance in the application process, please reach out to or call (978) 262-2400. Review EEO Law & EEO Statement Here.

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