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Semiconductor Automation

Semiconductor applications demand high-precision automation and reliable, predictable vacuum performance for wafer transport within clean and controlled environments. Brooks offers a full suite of automated handling solutions - available as standalone components or as part of an integrated system - for both vacuum and atmospheric wafer transfer. Learn more about Semiconductor Automation products.

Life Science Systems

Brooks is a global leader in automated cold-chain sample management for drug discovery and biostorage applications. With a strong focus on retaining long-term sample integrity, data storage and security, systems provided by Brooks are transforming the productivity and streamlining the workflow of scientists across a broad range of life science applications, including drug discovery and biobanking. Learn more about Life Science products.


Brooks offers a wide range of high performance and energy efficient cryogenic products for the semiconductor, display, R&D and general vacuum industries. Applications include ultra-high vacuum generation for semiconductor process equipment, rapid water vapor cryo-pumping for display and other vacuum coating equipment, closed loop cryogenic refrigeration systems, large scale vacuum chambers for space simulation, and small scale R&D applications for vacuum and temperature control. Learn more about Cryogenics products.
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Equal Employment Opportunity

Brooks Automation is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to the strength of a diverse workforce. We maintain policies and practices that are designed to prevent discrimination against any qualified employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability and medical condition to the extent protected by law. These policies apply to all employment practices including hiring, transfer, promotion compensation, benefits, training and termination.